Thursday 25 February 2021, Online, Collecting, Travel, and the Museum in the Long Eighteenth Century

2:30 pm Research Day Session 1
Professor Arthur MacGregor Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Professor, Victoria and Albert Museum; Editor, Journal of the History of Collections  – ‘The Decline of the Cabinet of Curiosities: The Case of the East India Company Collections’, Professor MacGregor discusses his most recent book, Company Curiosities: Nature, Culture and the East India Company, 1600-1874 (University of Chicago Press, 2019) and his current project with the Victoria and Albert Museum on ‘The India Museum Revisited’:

3:15 pm Break

3:45 pm Research Day Session 2
Vivien Bird PhD student, School of Humanities, University of Buckingham  – ‘Richard Payne Knight (1751- 1824): Antiquity, Myth and Collecting in the Age of Enlightenment’

16:30 Break

5 pm Research Day Session 3
Dr Adriano Aymonino School of Humanities, University of BuckinghamHumanities Research Institute Seminars 2020-21 – ‘Robert and James Adam: The Grand Tour Correspondence and Collections, 1754-63’, This talk offers an introduction to an ongoing digital project, led by Dr Aymonino and Colin Thom (UCL), in collaboration with Sir John Soane’s Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, University College London, and The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London.

Venue: online
Series: Research Days in the History of Art and the Classical Tradition email
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