Celebrating Lady Frances Waldegrave

CELEBRATING LADY FRANCES WALDEGRAVE (1821-1879) At Strawberry Hill, undisputed monument to the 18th century neo-gothic revival and to its creator Horace Walpole, the attentive visitor will find some traces that testify to the presence of Lady Frances Waldegrave. Between 1860 and 1862 she added to the original villa a wing in neo-gothic style, while altering … Continue reading Celebrating Lady Frances Waldegrave

SHC Series on Independent Museums 2020

SocHistColl’s Autumn series on Independent museums, 2020 Organising these sessions allowed me to embark on a wonderful and poignant journey of discovery, and I tried to vary their formats in order to enable different perspectives to emerge. First a discussion gathering David Green, director of the Florence Nightingale museum, Helen Bonser-Wilton, CEO of the MaryRose Trust, Emma … Continue reading SHC Series on Independent Museums 2020

Celebrating Poetry Month

TO CELEBRATE POETRY MONTH While the term "collection" is most often applied to poetry with the phrase "poetry collection," Poetry Month has prompted thoughts on the relationship between poets, poetry, and art collecting. Here is one connecton between collecting and poetry. Can you think of others? Samuel Rogers (1763-1855), best known for his volume Italy, A Poem, was … Continue reading Celebrating Poetry Month

Prized Possesions

Prized Possessions: Dutch paintings from National Trust Houses at the Mauritshuis: a missed opportunity? Before Christmas I went to the exhibition of Prized Possessions: Dutch paintings from National Trust Houses on view at the Mauritshuis (October 2018-6 January 2019), This was a somewhat abbreviated version of the exhibition at the Holborne Museum, Bath earlier this … Continue reading Prized Possesions