Collecting with a View: Elizabeth Pergam

COLLECTING WITH A VIEW: A series introducing the research and collecting interests of our Steering Committee members. Dr. Elizabeth Pergam 1-What are you reading at the moment? My work and pleasure reading is in some way connected. When I was writing my dissertation, I was mostly reading nineteenth-century British and some French novels. For pleasure … Continue reading Collecting with a View: Elizabeth Pergam

SHC CAA Decentering Collecting Histories

The Society at the College Art Association Conference, online,  Decentering Collecting Histories  Chair: Dr. Stacey Pierson, SOAS As an affiliated member of the College Art Association, the Society hosts one session, this year still online. This is one of the most important events for art historians, who wish to offer interdisciplinary sessions, often addressing questions … Continue reading SHC CAA Decentering Collecting Histories

The Evolving House Museum

On 18–19 June, The Society for the History of Collecting presented the online symposium, The Evolving House Museum: Art Collectors and Their Residences, Then and Now, organized and chaired by Margaret Iacono and Esmée Quodbach. Twelve speakers participated in the symposium, introducing an array of house museums, created over more than two centuries, and established … Continue reading The Evolving House Museum

Celebrating Lady Frances Waldegrave

CELEBRATING LADY FRANCES WALDEGRAVE (1821-1879) At Strawberry Hill, undisputed monument to the 18th century neo-gothic revival and to its creator Horace Walpole, the attentive visitor will find some traces that testify to the presence of Lady Frances Waldegrave. Between 1860 and 1862 she added to the original villa a wing in neo-gothic style, while altering … Continue reading Celebrating Lady Frances Waldegrave

SHC Series on Independent Museums 2020

SocHistColl’s Autumn series on Independent museums, 2020 Organising these sessions allowed me to embark on a wonderful and poignant journey of discovery, and I tried to vary their formats in order to enable different perspectives to emerge. First a discussion gathering David Green, director of the Florence Nightingale museum, Helen Bonser-Wilton, CEO of the MaryRose Trust, Emma … Continue reading SHC Series on Independent Museums 2020