From: Tanya Sheehan <>
Date: Oct 24, 2018
Subject: TOC: Archives of American Art Journal, no. 2, 2018
Archives of American Art Journal, volume 57, no. 2 (fall 2018)
Devoted to Latino art, this special issue showcases the Archives of American Art’s recent collecting initiative funded by the Smithsonian Latino Center. It also includes a conversation among eleven scholars sparked by our prior publication of Alexander Nemerov’s essay, “Art Is Not the Archive.”
The longest-running scholarly journal devoted to the history of American art, the AAAJ aims to showcase new approaches to and out-of-the-box thinking about primary sources. It contains both commissioned and peer-reviewed research articles that engage with the vast holdings of the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art.
To explore current and back issues of the journal, please go to The University of Chicago Press website includes information regarding subscriptions and submissions. I encourage potential authors to discuss their research and manuscripts by writing to Tanya Sheehan, Executive Editor:
Table of Contents
The Island Within the Island: Remapping Dominican York
Tatiana Reinoza
Sputnik and the Avenues: The Art of Chaz Bojórquez
Karen Mary Davalos
In the Field: Latino Art Archives
Jennifer A. González
In Conversation: Art Is Not the Archive
Hispanic Hoopla: Latino Collecting at the Archives
Josh T. Franco
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TOC: Archives of American Art Journal, no. 2, 2018. In:, Oct 24, 2018. <>

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