Prudence and Curiosity in the Early Modern Collection
October 21, 2022
Museum of Natural and Cultural History, 
Eugene, Oregon

Through the lenses of both the histories of art and the histories of science, this symposium explores the political relationship between statecraft and art. Visit the symposia website for more information and the program:


Andrew Morrall, “Hugo Blotius’s Musaeum Generis humani and the Ideal of Universal Rational Knowledge”

Mark A. Meadow, “Showing Off: Hainhofer’s Pommersche Schreibtisch and the Performativity of Techne

Aviva Rothman, “Kepler’s Gifts”

Pamela Smith, “Prudence and Curiosity in the Making”

Vera Keller, “Secrets of Art, Nature, and Empire in early modern European Collections”

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