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Journal for Art Market Studies – Issue on “Asian Art: Markets, Provenance, History”
Deadline abstract (2,000 characters): 15 January 2018
Deadline article (30,000 characters): 15 May 2018
Since 2017 the Institute for Art History and Historical Urban Studies at Technische Universität Berlin has been publishing the Open Access Journal for Art Market Studies (JAMS). As part of the Institute’s well established Centre for Art Market Studies, the English language publication presents interdisciplinary research results on the past and present art market. The Journal conforms to Open Access standards including website submission through and peer reviews. Articles are published both as pdf and in HTML format, they are DOI registered and usually subject to a CC BY-NC copyright license.
For the summer of 2018 we are planning an issue on the subject of “Asian Art: Markets, Provenance, History”, guest-edited by Dr. Alexander Hofmann, curator at the Museum of East Asian Art, State Museums Berlin, and Dr. Christine Howald, research associate at Technische Universität Berlin’s Institute of Art History and Historical Urban Studies.
Based on previous and ongoing provenance research projects on East Asian art at both the TU Institute and at the museum, the issue will focus on the formation of East Asian art collections, be it private or public. All contributions to the issue should include essential elements of art market research.
Several contributions will derive from papers given at the October 2017 workshop for provenance research about East Asian art in Berlin, “Provenienzforschung zu Ostasiatischer Kunst. Herausforderungen und Desiderata”, that was jointly organized by the guest editors. We would be delighted to receive additional articles highlighting current research in this relatively unexplored area.
The following research subjects may serve as inspiration for contributions to the journal:
– Museum research into the history of East Asian art that provides insight into actors, agents and networks of the trade in East Asian art
– Research into the history of collecting East Asian art objects that arrived in the West through trade intermediaries, triggered by economical, political or war-related events
– Methodological approaches that will facilitate and advance future research into the art market for East Asian art
– Case studies from provenance research that highlight trade actors, networks and mechanisms in East Asian art
Please submit your abstract for an article by 15 January 2018 to

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