Troubling Objects: interrogating collecting and collections

Troubling Objects will bring together academics, artists, activists and museum professionals to share ideas about how we can rethink both histories of collecting and the representation, interpretation and display of historical collections.

Through critical engagement with the often uncomfortable and ‘troubling’ histories that can be present in publicly and privately-owned collections, Troubling Objects aims to continue ongoing discussions in the cultural sector about what it means to ‘decolonise’ museums. The emphasis will not solely be placed on objects and collections, but also on institutional practices themselves. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on the current state of contemporary cultural institutions, whether museums, galleries or universities, discuss the barriers and structures that continue to underpin the way collecting and collections are studied, curated and accessed, and explore alternatives to current practice.

This will be a public conversation. The day will be structured so as to ensure discussion is open and inclusive. Each session will revolve around a particular question, with responses welcomed from both panellists and the audience. Each speaker will be asked to give a 5-10 minute answer to the question set, leaving plenty of time for wider discussion.

Speakers will include: Priya Khanchandani, Aliyah Hasinah, Sean Curran, S. I. Martin, Jocelyn Dodd, Subhadra Das, Jane Wildgoose, Sushma Jansari and Sandra Shakespeare.

An evening wine reception will follow the symposium.

Information and Tickets:
Day Symposium on 11 September 2018, 10.20am to 18.15pm

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