The Oriental Ceramic Society 

A series of six informal lunchtime lectures online

15 and 28 July, 11 and 25 August and 15 and 29 September

2. Chinese pottery, stoneware and porcelain, 4000 BC to 1125 AD
Peter White Tuesday 28 July at 1330

China’s exceptionally long and distinguished history of ceramic making has always been a major subject of interest for members of the Oriental Ceramic Society. From Neolithic times onwards, vessels made of fired clay have been used for utilitarian and ceremonial purposes in different regions of China. This illustrated online talk will examine the forms and techniques of Chinese ceramics from pre-historic times, through the first millennium, up to the 12th century.

Peter White is the Vice-President of the Oriental Ceramic Society, and with his wife Mary has collected ceramics for over 40 years. His interests are wide-ranging and in addition to his research into Chinese wares, he has collected, researched and lectured on Derby porcelain of the 18th century among many others. Peter’s lecture will show pieces from his collection and will include technical comments on changes in ceramic production over time.

In lectures 3 and 4, Peter will take the story of Chinese ceramics further, focussing on the Song and Yuan periods, 960 to 1368 AD (11 August), and the Ming dynasty 1368-1644 (25 August) respectively.

Lecture 5 will be given by Rosemary Scott, and the final lecture of the series will be given by Rose Kerr. Please watch out for announcements with more details, and instructions on how to join.

The lectures will be recorded and we hope to make them available through our website as soon as possible.

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