Deadline: Dec 19, 2016
Call for Papers:
Special Issue of Museum & Society
Museum Methods: Researching the Museum as Institution
Nuala Morse, University of Manchester and University College London;
Bethany Rex, University of Newcastle and
Sarah Richardson, University of Leeds
Welcome papers focused on the topics below:
– The institutional life of museum, including how the everyday
practices of professionals make up museum-work worlds
– The museum and understandings of bureaucracy
– Particular features of museums as organisations, for example,
professional amnesia
– Organisational/Institutional rules in museums and how they affect
– The social life of methods in museums
– How institutional/organisational methods can be used as a site of
– How can researching museums speak to other ways of understanding
other institutions.
Particularly interested in papers that draw upon methods
developed in other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and
organisational studies and explore how they can be applied with the
museum as object of research. This might include embedded approaches,
including organisational/institutional ethnography (Ybema, et al.,
2009; Cefkin, 2010), Participatory Action Research (Cameron, 2007),
systems theory approaches (Bateson, 2001), and socio-material
approaches, including Actor-Network Theory (Latour, 2005; Fenwick et
al, 2015).
Potential Authors:
The focus on the Special Issue is on methods: each paper must provide a
clear contribution to developing methodologies for researching museums
and their institutional, organisational and bureaucratic work, and may
also debate the practicalities, promise and politics of such approaches
across different international contexts. Papers will provide either
theoretically informed pieces that outline methodological ‘road maps’
for exploring how museums function, or empirical methods papers that
open up alternative ways of thinking about museums. Potential authors
are encouraged to submit an abstract that will be reviewed by the
editors. Authors will then be invited to submit a full manuscript and
all submissions will be subject to a peer review process.
Submission Guidelines:
Manuscripts length will be between 5,000 and 8,000 words, following the
journal guidelines, available at:
December 19th 2016: authors to send abstracts to editors
January 16th 2017: editors notify authors whether the abstract has been
30th June 2017: authors to send first drafts of full manuscript to
Manuscripts will then be sent to peer review, and papers invited for a
‘revise and resubmit’ will be due in early 2018. The special issue will
be published in 2018.
Please send your abstract or any queries to Nuala Morse,
Reference / Quellennachweis:
CFP: Special Issue, Museum & Society. In: H-ArtHist, Oct 23, 2016.

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