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Subject: CONF: Women Art Dealers 1940-1990 (New York, 17-18 May 19)
From: Veronique Chagnon-Burke <>
Date: Mar 19, 2019
Subject: CONF: Women Art Dealers 1940-1990 (New York, 17-18 May 19)

Christie’s Education New York, May 17 – 18, 2019
Registration deadline: May 16, 2019

The symposium analyzes the central role played by women art dealers in the creation and development of the art market between the 1940s and the 1980s. It examines the work of those women who promoted art between different countries and continents, thus developing an international market that anticipated the current global model. The two-day conference is divided into three sessions: the promotion of Modern art by women gallerists after World War II, thus establishing its estate in Neo-Avantgarde research; the women art dealers’ contribution to the birth of new markets, creating a fortune of new artistic languages like architectural drawings and video art; finally, the gradual establishment of a women art dealers’ global network which supplanted the male- dominated market’s geography.

1st DAY | 09.00am-09.30am

– Véronique Chagnon-Burke
– Caterina Toschi

1. Session. The Market of the First Avant-Garde
– Simone Kahn. From Member to Promoter of Surrealism
Alice Ensabella
– Peggy Guggenheim and Nelly van Doesburg. De Stijl in the United States
Doris Wintgens
– The Konstsalongen Samlaren of Agnes Widlund in Stockholm
Christina Brandberg
– Catalyst of Canonization. Antonia Gmurzynska’s Gallery in the Cold War Period
Elena Korowin

Discussion and Break

2. Session. The Birth of New Trades
– Marketing Architecture: Changing the Nature of Drawings
Jordan Kauffman

Discussion and Lunch

1st DAY | 2.00pm-05.30pm

2. Session. The Birth of New Trades
– The Role of Gabriella Cardazzo as the Co-Director of the Cavallino Gallery, Venice, 1966-1987
Lisa Parolo
– Rag Queen: Cora Ginsburg and the Historical Costume Trade
William DeGregorio


3. Session. The Global Network of Women Art Dealers
– Maria Almas Dietrich Gallery and the Nazi Museum
Nadine Bauer
– Topazia Alliata and the Formal Zeroing
Carlotta Sylos Calò


– Ileana Sonnabend: Europe – United States, a Round Trip
Giorgia Gastaldon
– Prima Galleristas: Mapping Female Dealers in Mid-Twentieth-Century Manhattan
Susan Jarosi


2nd DAY | 10.00am-1.30pm

3. Session. The Global Network of Women Art Dealers
– Mara Coccia a Gallery Owner in Rome (1963-1989): Collaborations, Intuitions and Limitations
Francesca Gallo, Miriam Carinci, Sara Taffoni
– Unveiling Etheline Rosas’ Contribution to the Development of an International Contemporary Art Framework in Portugal
Sofia Ponte
– Margarita de Lucas’s Edurne Gallery and Juana Mordó’s Gallery in Madrid
Amaya Senar Hernando Gonzàlez
– Quadrum – A Love Story for Modern Art in Lisbon
Adelaide Duarte

Discussion and Break

3. Session. The Global Networl of Women Art Dealers (part 2)
– “We Only Have Drawings of Chickens”: Linda Givon, the Goodman Gallery, and the Politics of the Contemporary Art Market in South Africa, 1966-1990
Federico Freschi and Lara Koseff
– Lia Rumma. Art as Conviviality
Luigia Lonardelli
– Lucrezia De Domizio Durini and Joseph Beuys’ Utopy of the Earth
Sibilla Panerai
– Annina Nosei and Mary Boome: the New York’s Art Scene of the Early 80’s
Carlotta Castellani


2nd DAY | 2.30pm-4.30pm
Women Art Dealers Archives

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