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Subject: CONF: The Artistic Taste of Nations 1550-1815 (Amsterdam, 13-15 Jun 19)
From: Dr. I.R. Vermeulen
Date: May 9, 2019
Subject: CONF: The Artistic Taste of Nations 1550-1815 (Amsterdam, 13-15 Jun 19)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, June 13 – 15, 2019

The Artistic Taste of Nations: Contesting Geographies of European Art 1550-1815

Thursday, June 13

12.00–12.30 Registration

12.30–13.00 Welcome
Gert-Jan Burgers (director research institute CLUE+)
Ingrid Vermeulen (Vrije Universiteit)

Session 1 – Academies of art and artistic nations
Moderator: Arno Witte (KNIR Rome/ Universiteit van Amsterdam)

13.00–13.35 Notions of Nationhood and Artistic Identity in 17th Century Rome, Susanne Kubersky-Piredda (Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte Rome)

13.35–14.10 Spanish artists and the Academies: places of belonging in the second half of XVII Century in Rome, Maria Onori (Sapienza Università di Roma)

14.10-14.45 Shaping architecture. The case of the Regia Accademia di Pittura, Scultura e Architettura in Mantua, Ludovica Cappelletti (Politecnico di Milano)

14.45–15.15 Break

Session 2 – Drawings, connoisseurship and geography
Moderator: Klazina Botke (Vrije Universiteit)

15.15–15.50 Father Sebastiano Resta (1635-1714) and the Italian schools of design, Simonetta Prosperi Valenti Rodinò (Università di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’)

15.50–16.25 Connoisseurship beyond geography: some puzzling drawings from Filippo Baldinucci’s personal collection, Federica Mancini (Musée du Louvre Paris)

16.25–17.00 Arthur Pond’s Prints in Imitations of Drawings: Connoisseurship and the National School in Early Eighteenth-Century Britain, Sarah W. Mallory (Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts)

17.00–18.00 Drinks, Vrije Universiteit
18.30–21.30 Dinner with speakers and moderators (at one’s own expense)

Friday, June 14

09.00–09.30 Registration

Session 1 – The taste and genius of nations
Moderator: Marije Osnabrugge (Université de Genève)

9.30–10.05 The ‘taste of nations’. Roger de Piles’s diplomatic views on European art, Ingrid Vermeulen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

10.05–10.40 How do great geniuses appear in a nation? A historiographical problem for the Enlightenment period, Pascal Griener (Université de Neuchâtel)

10.40–11.10 Break

Session 2 – Print collecting and school formation
Moderator: Huigen Leeflang (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

11.10–11.45 Between theory and practice: Dezallier d’Argenville’s idea on print collections, Gaëtane Maës (Université de Lille)

11.45–12.20 Des Notices générales au Manuel du Curieux : Michael Huber et l’Ecole française de gravure. (From Notices Générales to Manuel du Curieux: Michael Huber and the French school of printmaking), Véronique Meyer (Université de Poitiers)

12.20–12.55 Chronology and School – Questioning two competing criteria for the classification of graphic collections around 1800, Stephan Brakensiek (Universität Trier)

12.55–14.00 Lunch break (speakers and moderators only)

Session 3 – Transnational identities
Moderator: t.b.a.

14.00–14.35 Towards the construction of an Italian school. The transformative Power of Place in Bellori’s Lives, Elisabeth Oy-Marra (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)

14.35–15.10 Claimed by all or too elusive to include: the place of mobile artists in artist biographies and the local canon, Marije Osnabrugge (Université de Genève)

15.10–15.45 The Galeriewerk and the Self-Fashioning of Artists at the Dresden Court, Ewa Manikowska (Polish Academy of Sciences Warsaw)

15.45–16.15 Break

Session 4 – Practices of classification
Moderator: Ingrid Vermeulen (Vrije Universiteit)

16.15-16.50 The Dutch and Flemish Schools of Painting in Eighteenth-Century Art Literature, Auction Catalogues and Collections: Together or Apart?, Everhard Korthals Altes (Technische Universiteit Delft)

16.50-17.25 Pieter Cornelis van Leyden´s collections of prints and paintings: content, organization and schools, Huigen Leeflang (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

17.25-18.00 «In the school of the Netherlands I joined two schools, Flemish and Holandaise, I even added some German painters»:  The problem of European artistic schools in the context of the Russian Enlightenment, Irina Emelianova (Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio (Ch))

18.30-21.30 Conference dinner with speakers and moderators at the Botanical Gardens, Vrije Universiteit

Saturday, June 15

09.00–09.30 Registration

Session 1 – Schools going public: the picture gallery
Moderator: Everhard Korthals Altes (Technische Universiteit Delft)

9.30–10.05 In search of a higher order: the organisation of the Munich Hofgartengalerie at the end of the eighteenth century, Cécilia Hurley (École du Louvre/ Université de Neuchâtel)

10.05–10.40 An organisation by schools considered too commercial for the newly founded Louvre Museum, Christine Godfroy-Gallardo (HICSA Université Paris I – Sorbonne)

10.40–11.15 The “Louvre effect”. The new arrangement of the Vatican Pinacoteca and Guattani’s catalogue I più celebri quadri delle diverse scuole italiane (1820), Pier Paolo Racioppi (Fondazione IES Abroad Italy Rome)

11.15–11.30 Break

11.30–12.15 Panel discussion and closing remarks

13.30–15.00 Visit Rijksmuseum print room (speakers and moderators only)

End of conference

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