Date: Sep 14, 2019
Subject: CONF: Reloading Catalogs (Malaga, 18-20 Sep 19)

Málaga (Spain), Centre Pompidou, September 18 – 20, 2019

International Forum: Reloading Catalogs. New Perspectives on Critical and Computational Approaches to Art Catalogs

Organizers: University of Málaga and the ArtCatalog Project

Scientific coordination: Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega

Collaborators: Cátedra Picasso Fundación Málaga, Cátedra Estratégica de Tecnologías de Vanguardia en Humanidades, Centre Pompidou Málaga, Grupo de Estudios Artísticos y Visuales (GEAV), Comité Español de Historia del Arte (CEHA), Sociedad Internacional de Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas (HDH)

Venue: Centre Pompidou Málaga (September 18-20, 2019)

The catalogue is one of the narrative and epistemological structures that has had the greatest impact on the construction and modelling of artistic knowledge, and on the creation of its narratives and discourse (by legitimizing or delegitimizing them). In fact, the construction of art history is based on a process of categorizing cultural products, and on a dynamics involving inclusions and exclusions, the formation of hierarchies and silences, of which the catalogue is a fundamental instrument. Therefore, unveiling the mechanisms underlying the processes of producing catalogues as generators and mediators of knowledge, materialized in diverse narratives and discourses; and, investigating the model of knowledge involved in them is of vital importance to be able to understand, on the one hand, the reason why we know (and hence study) artistic facts in a particular way and, on the other, how the complex and variable epistemological and discursive framework of Art History has been constructed throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.  The new frameworks and issues that have emerged since the beginning of the 21st century (technological intermediation, change of scale, local-global tensions) produce new complexities and epistemologies that urge us to rethink our working categories, and to envision what epistemologies we must deploy to approach the re-organization of cultural reality.

Under the title Reloading Catalogs: New Perspectives on Critical and Computational Approaches to Art Catalogs, the purpose of this international forum is to explore the conditions, genealogies and histories underlying the production of catalogs up to now, in order to be able to open a discussion about the new directions that research on catalogs and cataloguing practices will take –or should take- in years to come. The forum will have a dual approach: critical, dealing with issues related to classification systems as colonial epistemologies, catalogs as power structures and legitimizing discourses, genealogies of catalogs, alternative catalogs, etc.; and techno-digital, more oriented to computational problems, databases, digital editions, or new forms of computational classification with Artificial Intelligence.

The attendance to the forum is free. For more information, please, visit:


Wednesday 18 September, 2019
Morning session

9.45 -10.15 h.  Official Opening
10.15-11.15 h.  Opening Lecture. Geoffrey Bowker (UC Irvine)  Classification and Power

Break: 11.15-11.45 h.

SESSION I. Catalogs: epistemologies, discourses, history

11.45-12.15 h. Teresa Sauret (Universidad de Málaga)  Exhibition Catalogs. Origin and Functions

12.15-12.45 h.  Félix Díaz Moreno (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)  Auction Catalogs and their Legal Implications

12.45-13:15 h. Antoinette Friedenthal (Independent Scholar, Postdam) European Print Collection in 1719: The Catalogue Raisonné as a Province of Media History

Afternoon session

16.00-16.30 h. Iván de la Torre (Universidad de Málaga) New Cataloging Models for a New Century Art: From Taschen and Phaidon to Exit, and the Publishing Projects in Andalusia

16.30-17.00 h. María Ortiz Tello (Universidad de Málaga)  Birth and Development of Exhibition Catalogs about Picasso: Materialization of The Artist Excellence

17.00-17.30 h. Eugenio Carmona (Universidad de Málaga)  Paradigm, Counter-paradigm and Iconic-Verbal Narrative in Alfred Barr’s Catalogs about Picasso

Break: 17.30- 18.00 h.

18.00-18.30 h. Carlos Miranda Mas (Universidad de Málaga) No catalog, no artist book, no archive … New Stories of Artistic Processes. The Case of “Teignmouth Electron” by Tacita Dean

18.30-19.00h. Salvador Haro (Universidad de Málaga)  Marcel Broodthaers’ Anti-catalogs

19.00-19.30 h. Leticia Crespillo Marí (Universidad de Málaga)   Design of a Virtual Reality registration prototype for the visualization and experimentation of the aesthetic phenomenon in contemporary Light Installations and Environments: problems of intangible Works

Thursday 19 September, 2019

Morning Session

SESSION II. Computational paradigms and catalogs: methodologies, challenges, opportunities

9.45 -10.15 h. Anne Helmreich (Getty Research Institute) Rethinking Catalogues—old and new— in the Digital Age”?

10.15-10.45h. Christian Huemer (Belvedere Research Centre, Vienna) The Provenance of Provenances: Auction Catalogs and the Documentation of Ownership History

10:45-11.15 h. Elizabeth Honig (Universidad de Maryland)  Opening Access to Scholarship: From Mediawiki to OpenArt

Break: 11.15-11.45 h.

11.45-12.15 h. Sarah Turner (Paul Mellon Centre, Londres) Exhibition Histories, Digital Futures: Cataloguing 250 years of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, 1769-2018

12.15-12.45 h.  M.ª Luisa Bellido Gant y Ana Fernández Moreno (Universidad de Granada)  Atlas of Art Catalogs Digitized by Ecclesial Collections

12.45-13.15 h. Marta Suárez-Infiesta y Luis Martínez Uribe (Fundación Juan March) Reloading Catalogues since 2006: The Fundación Juan March Case (1973-2019)

Afternoon Session

16.00-16.30 h. Maximilian Kaiser (Austrian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Modern and Contemporary Historical Research)  Artists’ Biographies as the Key to Exhibition Catalogue Research: Introduction to a New Digital Approach Based on Biographical Data from APIS

16.30-17.00 h Antonio Cruces Rodríguez y Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega (Universidad de Málaga)  The Expofinder-Pathfinder System:. Data Repository and Kwoledge System for the Analysis of Art Exhibitions and Catalogs

17.00-17.30 h  José Pino Díaz (Universidad de Málaga)  Epistemological Approach to the Exhibition System Through The VOS Mapping Technique, Application to the BNE Exhibition Catalogs Published in Malaga and Valencia

Break: 17:30-18:00 h.

18.00-18.30 h. Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (University of Geneve):  Exhibition Catalogues and the Study of Visual Contagions. A  Digital Approach

18.30-19.00 h. Reyes Carrasco (Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Spain) Cataloging of Cultural Heritage as Museological Praxis: The Subdirectorate-General for State Museums’ Experience.

19.00-19.30. Rosario Peiró (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía)  Experience, present and future of Repensar Guernica. Guernica’s History Digital Archive

19.30-20,00 h.  Mariabel Hidalgo Urbaneja (University of  Glasgow) Museum Catalogues as Narratives: A Critical Analysis of Online Catalogues from a Textual Approach

Friday 20 September, 2019

Session III. WORKSHOP. Digital Catalogs. Toward Interoperability

10.00-10:30h.  Introduction: Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel

10.30-11.00h. María Poveda (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)
Semantic web opportunities: Overview

11.00-11.30h. Break

11.30-14.00h  Discussion

14.00-15.00h  Lunch

15.00-17.30   Discussion

17.30-18.00h  Wrap-up and closing

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