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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2019 15:41:28 +0100
Subject: CONF: Meanings and Functions of the Royal Portrait (Fribourg, 12-13 Mar 19 )
From: Mirko Vagnoni <mirko.vagnoni@unifr.ch>
Date: Feb 4, 2019
Subject: CONF: Meanings and Functions of the Royal Portrait (Fribourg, 12-13 Mar 19 )

Fribourg (CH), March 12 – 13, 2019

Meanings and Functions of the Royal Portrait in the Mediterranean World (11th–15th Centuries)

March 12th
Salle Jäggi (MIS 4112)

09:30 Michele Bacci (Université de Fribourg)
Greetings and Introduction.

Chair: Michele Bacci
09:45 Ioanna Rapti (École Pratique des Hautes Études)
Beyond the Page: Royal Imagery in the Queen Keran Gospels and
the Rhetoric of the Court.
10:30 Edda Vardanyan (Institut d’Études Avancées de Paris)
Le portrait royal dans le Lectionnaire de Héthoum II (1286) et
le thème de la généalogie du Christ dans l’art et l’idéologie du
Royaume arménien de Cilicie.

11:15 Break

11:45 Gohar Grigoryan (Université de Fribourg)
Why Depict the King ? Medieval Armenian Reflections
on Royal Images.

12:30 Lunch

Chair: Michele Bacci
14:30 Manuela Studer (Université de Fribourg)
Mise-en-scène of Personal Believe and Contemporary Political
Strategy: The Royal Portrait in the Serbian Churches.
15:15 Vinni Lucherini (Università di Napoli)
Une galerie de portraits royaux dans la Hongrie médiévale:
Le ms. Budapest, OSzK Clmae 404 et sa fonction mémoriale
(environ 1358).

16:00 Break

16:30 Lucinia Speciale (Università del Salento)
Games of Thrones: The Chess Pieces of Charlemagne in Context.
17:15 Mirko Vagnoni (Université de Fribourg)
Royal Epiphanies in the Kingdom of Sicily (1130–1337).

18:00 End

19:30 Dinner

March 13th
Salle Jäggi (MIS 4112)

Chair: Mirko Vagnoni
09:30 Nicolas Bock (Université de Lausanne)
The royal portrait from Anjou to Aragon.
10:15 Joan Molina Figueras (Universitat de Girona)
The Construction of the Epiphany of Power in the Naples of
Alfonso of Aragon: From the Triumphal Entrance to the
Arc of Castelnuovo.

11:00 Break

11:30 Elodie Leschot (Université de Lausanne)
Before the Royal Portrait: Strategies of Royal Imaging in Twelfth
Century France.

12:15 Lunch

Chair: Manuela Studer
14:15 Gerardo Boto Varela (Universitat de Girona)
The Conformation of Visages of León and Castile Kings and
Queens (1100–1300): Coins, Thrones, and Tombs.
15:00 Sofía Fernández Pozzo (Université de Fribourg)
The King’s dashing attire at the turn of the Thirteenth Century:
Alfonso II and Pedro II of Aragon in the Liber Feudorum Maior
and Liber Feudorum Ceritaniae.

15:45 Break

16:15 Marta Serrano Coll (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
Jaime II (1291–1327) Portraits and their Use: The Image of the
King of Aragon from Iconographic and Textual Sources.
17:00 Juan Carlos Ruiz Souza (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
The Image of the King and his Architectural Spaces in al-Andalus
and Castile in the Mediterranean Context.

17:45 Michele Bacci
Conclusions and Final Debate

18:45 End

19:30 Dinner

Reference / Quellennachweis:
CONF: Meanings and Functions of the Royal Portrait (Fribourg, 12-13 Mar 19 ). In: ArtHist.net, Feb 4, 2019. <https://arthist.net/archive/20092>.

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