Emotional Objects – Northern Renaissance Afterlives in Object, Image and Word, 1890s-1920s

‘Emotional Objects’ brings together leading international scholars and curators, the conference to explore the emotional resonances and meanings of Northern Renaissance art, monuments, images and texts for contemporary culture at a time of social turbulence and heady artistic innovation. Via emotional viewing, object encounters, passionate prints, sensing the past, wonder-inspiring collections, we will illuminate new ways in which the cultures of a pivotal past touch and embody our modernity.

Organized by Prof. Juliet Simpson, Coventry University/Warburg Institute: Steering Committee: Prof. dr. Gabriele Rippl, Universität Bern, Dr Stefan Bauer, University of Warwick, Dr Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff, Ateneum-Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki; Conference Assistant: Joanna Meredith, PhD candidate, Coventry University

Full Programme

Thursday 22 April 2021

Welcome (Day 1): Professor Juliet Simpson

2.30-4.30pm: PANEL 1 (Chair: Dr Stefan Bauer)
Emotional Northern Renaissances in Word and Monument: Potent Heritage/Anxious Modernities
Hans Hönes (University of Aberdeen): ‘Wöfflin’s North: the Burden of Belonging’
Sarah W. Lynch (Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg/Villa I Tatti, Florence): ‘German Renaissance Architecture: The Development and Evolution of a Concept’
Andrew Murray (Open University/Warburg Institute): ‘Anxieties about Modernity in Johan Huizinga’s Autumntide of the Middle Ages’

4.30-5.00pm: PAUSE – TEA

5.00-6.30pm: KEYNOTE LECTURE (Chair: Professor Juliet Simpson)
Professor dr. Gabriele Rippl, Universität Bern
Title: tba

Friday 23 April 2021

9.15am – CONFERENCE OPENS (Day 2)
Welcome: Professor Juliet Simpson

9.30-11.30am: PANEL 2 (Chair: Prof. dr. Gabriele Rippl)
Resilient Afterlives of Objects and Images – Reframing Aby Warburg’s Northern Constellation
Stephanie Heremans (KU Leuven): ‘On a Historical Tournament’s Re-Enactment, 1452/1905 – Warburg’s Belgian Episode?’
Xinyi Wen (University of Cambridge): ‘When Jupiter meets Saturn: Aby Warburg, Karl Sudhoff, and Astrological Medicine in Renaissance Germany’
Andrea Bubenik (University of Queensland): ‘The Emotional Resilience of a Painting: Dürer’s Feast of the Rosegarlands’

11.30am-1pm PAUSE – LUNCH

1.15-3.15pm: PANEL 3 (Chair: Dr Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff)
Emotional Viewing – Artist Northern Renaissances: Recuperating Memory/Unstable Present
Stefan Huygebaert (Ghent University): ‘Memling by Comparison: Hans Memling’s Reputation and Recuperation around 1900’
Niccola Shearman (Courtauld Institute, University of London): ‘Emotional viewing: On finding a Visible Relief in the German Woodcut Print, c. 1450-1923’
Evanghelia Stead (Université de Paris-Saclay): ‘Max Klinger’s Der Äpfelchen begehrt ihr sehr: A Comparative Approach’

3.15-3.30pm: SHORT PAUSE – TEA

3.30-5.30pm: PANEL 4 (Chair: Professor Juliet Simpson)
Passionate Collections/Oneiric Encounters: Northern Renaissances Recreated and On Display
Stephanie Sailer (University of Vienna): ‘Collecting, Researching and Exhibiting Dürer’s Drawings on the Brink of the 20th Century’
Dominique Bauer (KU Leuven): ‘Hans Memling and the Iconology of the Androgyne: Representation, Time and Memory in the Work of Fernand Khnopff’
Martina Mazzotta (Warburg Institute): ‘Max Ernst and the Northern Renaissance – Beyond Painting’

Emotional Renaissances: Image, Afterlife, Modernity, Legacy – Juliet Simpson, Gabriele Rippl, Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff, Stefan Bauer


Register online free https://warburg.sas.ac.uk/events/event/23626.

The Organizer and Steering Committee would like to express their gratitude to the Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Studies, University of London; The Royal Historical Society and Coventry University (Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities) for their generous support for this event.

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