Ever wondered what it takes to unearth long lost artworks? What kind of detective work is required to retrace treasured antiques and objects d’art scattered two hundred years ago?

This is the fate that befell the celebrated collection of antiquarian and man of letters, Horace Walpole, once displayed in his home, Strawberry Hill House. Centuries on, this series first will follow art historian and provenance researcher, Silvia Davoli, in her hunt for the lost treasures of Strawberry Hill and her bid to restore Walpole’s collections to his legendary gothic rooms.
We invite you to sleuth for Horace Walpole’s missing treasures.
In partnership with Boodle Hatfield
The author of the Blog, Dr Silvia Davoli, is a specialist in the history of collections and connoisseurship in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She is the Research Curator at Strawberry Hill House (the Horace Walpole Collection). One of her greatest passions is provenance research.
Silvia’s work has been kindly supported by Art Fund, The Paul Mellon Centre and generous individual donors.
We invite you to follow Silvia Davoli’s journey as she searches through archives, museums and beyond to uncover the lost treasures of Strawberry Hill. We will be keeping you up to date with a series of monthly blog posts on the lost artefacts and her search to restore the collection at Strawberry Hill House.
For information on our treasure hunt please contact Silvia and the team at: treasurehunt@strawberryhillhouse.org.uk

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