Subject: ANN: Art Historians Alone Together

In the spirit of physical rather than social distancing, Art Historians Alone Together is proposed as a digital space for people to gather as a community to discuss and enjoy art and art history.

The project is very much in development with the ambition of gathering both synchronously and asynchronously by hosting resources such as podcasts, readings, films etc and by creating a programme of digital events such as curator/archivist talks, discussions or visits (via gallery virtual tours)  which will either run live or be followed by a live discussion. There would potentially be room for hosting residencies and exhibitions. We are also developing a section to share resources on art and craft activities which can be done easily at home.

As the technology which enables us to ‘do’ art history evolves, we will also use the space to discuss what the implications, challenges and possibilities of the pandemic are the future of the discipline.

Activity will largely be held on the platform Slack (free and easy to use)  to boundary the activities away from social media feeds which are so full of fragmented and stressful content around the pandemic. Keeping the group on a platform with such boundaries will also give us a better sense of what people want to engage with and will create a better sense of community and attention.

We are looking for:

– curators and archivists to talk about objects and collections
– researchers to talk accessibly about their research
– artists to talk about their practice
– participants to take part in discussions

Twitter: @LonelyArtHist

Reference / Quellennachweis:
ANN: Art Historians Alone Together. In:, Mar 25, 2020. <>.

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