From: Barbara Pezzini <>
Date: Nov 9, 2018
Subject: TOC: Visual Resources, Vol. 34, 3-4: A Call to Activism

Visual Resources: an International Journal on Images and their Uses
A print and online journal published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis, founded 1980


BARBARA PEZZINI, A call to activism
open access:


MARTINA DROTH, Modeling Modernity: Instruction Books and the History of Modern Sculpture.

MIGUEL METELO DE SEIXAS, Stars, Knots, Dragons and Royal Weddings: Badges of the Houses of Braganza and Savoy in a Nineteenth- Century Portuguese Royal Palace.

RACHAEL BARRON-DUNCAN, Transatlantic Translations: Surrealist Modes of Advertising in France and the United States of America.

FEDERICA MUZZARELLI, Women Photographers and Female Identities: Annemarie Schwarzenbach, New Dandy and Lesbian Chic Icon.

ERNESTINE LOVELL JENKINS, Missionary Photography: The Liberian Archive of Doctor Georgia Patton.

VANDANA BAWEJA, Otto Koenigsberger’s Architectural Photographic Archive in India (1939–1951).

BRADLEY BAILEY, Before, During, and Beyond the Brillo Box: The Impact of Pop on the 1964 Edition of Duchamp’s Readymades.

IAN TROWELL, Genre and Subcultural Artwork on the Post-war British Fairground.

NAVA SEVILLA-SADEH, Les Rites de Passage: Ritual, Initiation and the State in Works by Sigalit Landau and Anisa Ashkar.

Artist’s Intervention

FELICITY ALLEN, The Disoeuvre: an Argument in 4 Voices (WASL Table); version 4:27.

News from the Field

CHRISTOPHER SHELDON, Art on the Move: Art Mobility in the Long Nineteenth Century.

Book Review

JULIE CODELL, Private Collecting, Exhibition and the Shaping of Art History in London: The Burlington Fine Arts Club, by Stacey J. Pierson.

VISUAL RESOURCES is a peer-reviewed journal published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis. Founded in 1980, it is currently published both in print and online format, see the journal web page:

VISUAL RESOURCES occupies the space between art theory, art historiography and digital studies.  It explores how the interpretation and reproduction of images conditions and enhances the methodology and historiography of academic disciplines such as archaeology, history and, particularly, art and architectural history.

Past articles have comprised studies on photography, iconography, photographic archives, the art market and the art press. Future thematic issues will include ‘Digital Art History’ and ‘Art and the Periphery’.

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